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Chöd Empowerment and Practice with Lama Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche

  • Pure Land Farms 3265 Santa Maria Road Topanga, CA, 90290 United States (map)

We are extremely fortunate to welcome Lama Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche to Pure Land Farms!


Rinpoche will bestow the Chöd empowerment and the oral transmission for the Khandro Kegyang ("the Bellowing Laughter of the Dakinis"), and guide us in a group Chöd puja. It will be the first empowerment in our fully completed Yuthok temple, and we are honored to have one of the greatest living Chöd masters come to help initiate our new space here. 

Yuthok and Machig Labdrön, the matriarch of the Chöd tradition, share a very important connection with the same master - Dr. Traba Ngönshé (1012–1090). Traba Ngönshe was an esteemed tertön, physician, and Dzogchen master, credited with the revelation of the Four Tantras of Tibetan Medicine from Samyé monastery. According to Sangye Gyatso's Mirror of Beryl, these Four Tantras were passed along to Yuthok by way of Upa Dardrak and Tönchen Könchok Kyap (whose life was saved by a preteen Dr. Yuthok). Traba Ngönshe was also one of the first and most influential teachers in the life of Machig Labdrön. She studied the Prajnaparamita Sutra with him when she was young, and may have even received medical instructions from him, as evidenced by teachings on anatomy and physiology left behind in her oral lineage. Yuthok is also credited with authoring root texts on the body offering, which have been versified and incorporated into Yuthok Nyingthik practice by lineage masters over the past millennium. What's more, Traba Ngönshe is the tertön who introduced the Dharmapala Shanglön Dorje Duddul, the chief protector of the Medical tradition & Yuthok Nyingthik, as well as a prominent protector in the Chöd tradition. 

Save the date for this very special event! Details coming soon!