Yangchenma Arts & Music



Yangchenma Arts & Music is a community organization aimed at preserving, promoting and celebrating the richness and diversity of human cultures through their artistic and musical wisdom traditions, kept alive through the connection and shared experience of humans throughout the world.

Yangchenma (Tibetan: དབྱངས་ཅན་མ།) is the Tibetan name of Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom, higher learning, music, and the arts. She transcends culture and sectarianism, embodies the all-embracing female healing energy, and expresses and educates on all that is vital to the human spirit through the instruments of music, speech, and arts.

Yangchenma is the arts and culture branch at Pure Land Farms, hosting our music concerts, film screenings, photography and art exhibits, educational programs and our Musica Mundi series, a kid friendly community festival highlighting the music and arts of unique world cultures.

To learn more about Yangchenma’s activities beyond Pure Land Farms, please visit our website.

To view upcoming arts and music events at Pure Land Farms, visit our schedule page.