Pure Land Yurts



In response to a growing number of eager requests, Pure Land Farms is very happy to announce the launch of PURE LAND YURTS! This September, Pure Land's very own Bair Manzarkhanov of Tengri Healing will be traveling to Mongolia to ship back TEN traditional yurts to Los Angeles, after which they can be transported to any other state in the United States. 

For those of you who have traveled to Mongolia or visited Pure Land Farms, you will know that there is nothing that compares to the experience of staying in a traditional Mongolian yurt. Hand crafted, colorfully painted and insulated with natural felt, these unique portable round homes have been lived in by the nomadic people of Central Asia for over three thousand years. 

In America, a Mongolian yurt can serve as an amazing guest suite, an ultimate glamping airbnb, art or writing studio, office, massage therapy space, meditation sanctuary, or anything else your creative mind can dream up. 

Don't know how to assemble a Mongolian yurt? Don't worry! Bair and friends are available in the Los Angeles area to assist you, or can travel out of state for an additional fee to help you build your Pure Land Yurt.

Details and exact prices are coming soon! In the meantime, if you would like to put your name on our list, please write to info@purelandfarms.org. We will only be able to accommodate the first ten requests at this time.

Thank you and stay tuned!