Pure Land Farms

Center for Tibetan Medicine, Meditation and Rejuvenation

Topanga, California

Pure Land Farms Topanga is a ten acre rural sanctuary located in Topanga, on the edge of Los Angeles, California. A true healing oasis within a bustling vibrant city, it is a place to retreat and restore, to learn and connect. We offer small group retreats and non-residential workshops in Tibetan Medicine, Buddhism and other related topics, as well as traditional healing consultations, therapies and bodywork. Please visit our schedule page for a list of events. To schedule a private health consultation in Topanga, please click here.

Pure Land Farms is the home of:

Yuthok Ling, the first temple in the Western world constructed in honor of Yuthok Yönten Gönpo, the 12th century great Tibetan meditation adept and physician known as the father of Tibetan Medicine. Located on the highest point of the land, it is a sanctuary of peace and healing energy where we host regular retreats, dharma teachings, and guided group practice sessions. In alignment with the non-sectarianism of Yuthok’s teachings, students and practitioners of all lineages are most welcome to take part in the practices offered here and we host spiritual, cultural, and artistic events from a wide variety of traditions in our space. Likewise we most welcome other sanghas to use our temple for their group practices and events. Please contact us for rates and information. To view photos of our the development of our temple project, please click here.

Yuthok Ling    Buddhist Temple

Yuthok Ling

Buddhist Temple

Tanaduk Gardens    The Pure Land of the Medicine Buddha

Tanaduk Gardens

The Pure Land of the Medicine Buddha


Tanaduk Gardens, a medicinal garden modeled after Tanaduk, the Pure Land of the Medicine Buddha. This unique garden will serve as an educational and meditation mandala where guests can learn about plants used in the traditional materia media. To learn more, click here. If you would like to volunteer your time or resources in helping us to create this unique community garden, please e-mail us.