Tibetan Medicine, Meditation, and Rejuvenation

Topanga, California


Tanaduk (tib. ལྟ་ན་སྡུག།) is the name of the Pure Land of the Medicine Buddha, a botanical garden filled with every type of medicinal plant and mineral that can prevent and heal all kinds of disease.

Pure Land Farms is a newly acquired ten acre end-of-the road sanctuary in Topanga, California whose activities will center around Tanaduk Gardens, an herbal garden of healing plants used in the traditional Tibetan materia medica.

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the following projects are in development at pure land farms: 


Tanaduk Gardens

A Tibetan Medical Botanical Garden of healing plants

Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Massage Trainings

Workshops and ongoing training programs for all level students in Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Kunye Massage.

Yuthok Ling

Conversion of barn on property into a temple in the tradition of the Yuthok Nyingthig for teaching programs and retreats.

Group Meditation Retreats

Seasonal guided Yuthok Nyingthig group retreats

Healing Yoga and Meditation Practices

Tibetan Nejang Yoga, Guided Meditations, Group mantra healing recitation

Healing Therapies

Tibetan Medicine health consultations and bodywork sessions in our wellness center


Weekend wellness and rejuvenation retreats


A library of texts of Asian medical and spiritual traditions 

Stay tuned...

If you have skills in designing, building, gardening, etc, or would like to be involved in any of our projects, please contact us!