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Autumn Wellness Workshop

  • Pure Land Farms 3265 Santa Maria Road Topanga, CA, 90290 United States (map)

The Five Elements and Four Seasons: Autumn Wellness Workshop

with Erik Jampa

Saturday November 2nd : 10AM - 5PM

Nietzsche once wrote, “Notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.” As we journey through the scorpio-drenched transitory period of autumn, nature offers us myriad cues for our own internal development. For some, autumn may be a difficult season, filled with nostalgia and vague melancholy which, unobserved, can propel us clumsily into sluggish winter doldrums. But by bringing awareness to the hidden teachings of the season, the bounty of autumn can offer us a profound opportunity to turn inward, examine the content of our own minds, and prepare ourselves for a new spring.  

            We are connected to all of the falling leaves, migrating birds, and crisp winds around us, whether or not we are conscious of it. They speak to our own physiological, psychological, and energetic journeys, and guide us into our own winter hibernation. Fall is overtly and subtly one of the most magical and cathartic seasons, full of celebrations of togetherness, impermanence, and the dead. The bold precision of the classical metal element pushes us to slough off concepts and excess baggage that no longer serve us, and to surround ourselves with tactful nourishment.  

            In this November workshop, we will explore our relationship with autumn, identifying ways in which our behaviors naturally shift by the influence of seasonal cues on our ancestral DNA, and discuss methods to better harmonize with the ever-changing world around us. 

            Following the principles of Tibetan Medicine andClassical Tibetan Astrology(the study of elements and cyclic time), we will learn about traditional methods for maintaining physical and mental health through the changing seasons, including diet and therapeutic recommendations based on constitutional typology, immune-boosting measures to strengthen defenses against pathogens, psychological tools for seasonal growth, and other methods for bringing our inner being into harmony with the outer world.

In this workshop, we will cover:

·     Elemental and seasonal theory according to Tibetan Medicine and Astrology

·     Seasonal diet & behavior recommendations, with a focus on autumnal health

·     Simple exercises for maintaining a healthy body and immune system

·     Introduction to hormétherapy for stress and anxiety

·     Spiritual and secular rituals for bringing balance and encouraging growth

$108 exchange | seasonal lunch provided



Erik Jampa Andersson is a Tibetan Medicine practitioner, teacher, and meditation instructor. He devoted over six years to traditional training in the ancient science of Sowa Rigpa, including comprehensive study of the Four Treatises of TTM, practical training in Tibetan pharmacology, dietetics, and manual therapies, and a five-month clinical internship at TTM clinics in Nepal.

Outside of the Tibetan tradition, Erik has undertaken training in western herbalism, Taoist medicine, Alchemical herbalism, and Plant-Spirit Healing, and following in the footsteps of Hippocrates and the world's great ancient physicians, he is also trained in the Tibetan, Hellenistic, and contemporary Western traditions of Astrology and Astro-herbalism. While Tibetan Medicine is the core of Erik's healing philosophy and methodology, clients benefit from his breadth of knowledge and experience within myriad healing and wisdom traditions, ranging from ancient folk lineages to cutting-edge medical advancements.

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