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Yuthok Nyingthig Outer Guru Yoga Retreat

Seven Day Guided Group Retreat

With Christiana Polites

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The Yuthok Nyingthig Outer Guru Yoga practice, also known as the 'Wish Fulfilling Jewel' is the first of four Guru Yogas in the Yuthok Nyingthig tradition and is a powerful practice for creating a direct link with the blessings of Yuthok in one's own life and practice.

Completion of this retreat also authorizes one to make use of the healing blessings of Yuthok and the four dakinis for the direct benefit of others through visualization healing (this practice, called the 'Yuthok's Healing Activities' is taught separately).

In order to attend this retreat, one must have completed a seven day Yuthok Nyingthig ngondro retreat, either alone or in a group, as well as have received the Yuthok Nyingthig empowerment. Completion of ngöndro in another tradition also fulfills this pre-requisite.

Please e-mail with any questions.

"If the supreme teaching of the Guru Sadhana Dharma Cycle of of the Yuthok Nyingthig did not have the blessing of simultaneous practice and accomplishment, then the people of this degenerate age, entangled in worldly desire and weak in determination for long retreats, would not be able to practice.

However, if this, the accomplishment of my life-force itself, is practiced without distraction by a faithful person for seven days, then I vow that I shall reveal well my face to them, and I shall grant them teachings and closely instruct them."

- Yuthok Yönten Gönpo, 12th Century

Price: $600 non-residential, ($495 early bird registration before December 15th)

Combined Ngöndro and Outer Guru Yoga two week retreat (January 14th - 27th): $895 non-residential

All meals included

[If you have previously attended the same retreat at Pure Land Farms or another Sorig Khang International branch center, please inquire about a discounted rate for repeating the retreat.]

Supplementary residential fee of $150 - 250 per week, space is limited

7-Day Retreat Lodging (shared room)
from 150.00
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