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Tibetan Mantra Healing: Level One

With Drukmo Gyal Dakini

This workshop presents an introduction to the art and science of the Tibetan Mantra Healing  tradition. Mantra healing is the practice of using sound as a healing medium -- the primordial sounds of nature, as well as divine words from the Sanskrit and Tibetan languages. It is a powerful method for bringing balance to various diseases, restoring health, and protecting against future disease for oneself and others.

Participants will receive the transmission of a complete ‘mantra pharmacy’used for centuries by Tibetan physicians and yogis to address various health conditions. The weekind will include group chanting and mantra recitation accumulation as well as discussion of the practical applications of the mantras, both medically and spiritually.


$250 ($200 non-residential)

Supplementary fee for limited on-site accommodation (Friday and Saturday night)

Tibetan Mantra Healing Immersion
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