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Tibetan "La" Massage

Workshop with Drukmo Gyal

Friday May 18th: 2 - 5PM

"La" Massage Workshop
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Mantra Healing Concert to follow at 7PM after a break

“La” energy is vital protective energy that pervades and constitutes our human body. Closely connected with our consciousness, it gives strength,་vigor, stability, a bright complexsion, clarity, bliss, sensitivity, and satisfaction. This energy circulates in our  body according to the lunar cycle. Due to chronic disease, emotional or physical trauma, and aggressive medical treatments, we can lose this energy resulting in various symptoms such as sadness, fatigue, anxiety.

“La” massage is one of the suble energetic treatments from the Tibetan Medical tradition used to restore lost “la” through the application of oil and gentle touch of specific points, along with the visualization and chanting of potent seed syllables.