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Fundamentals of Tibetan Medicine and Typology

with Erik Jampa

The first in our series of courses introducing the fundamental theory and practice behind Sowa Rigpa, Traditional Tibetan Medicine, with visiting guest, Erik Jampa Andersson

This weekend, we will be discussing the historical development and fundamental theories of Tibetan Medicine as well as the Himalayan perception of constitutional typology. 

Typology is one of the most invaluable tools that traditional medicine can offer modern clinical medicine. Personalized treatments are indeed a growing industry today, with curative and preventative approaches tailored to an individual's particular genetic, hormonal, neurobiological, or otherwise physiological makeup. But this is not a new, cutting-edge approach to healing. Ancient Greek, Tibetan/Himalayan, and Indian Medical traditions presented sophisticated systems of typology thousands of years ago, with the latter two carrying those unbroken lineages into the modern era. 

Modern research has shown that there are strong correlations between classical Himalayan and Indian typology (based on the three nyépa or doshas) and modern genomics (see link in comments), causing some doctors and researchers to give credence to a humoral view of medicine. 

In this workshop, participants will learn how to identify humoral patterns in one's constitution, diet, activities, and mental states, and learn helpful tips for bringing the elemental energies into balance. 

This is a good course for both the inexperienced layman and the seasoned medicine practitioner.

$250 at the door, web discount $200

$500 for all three weekends, (Please note, Parts 1 and 3 are two day workshops, Part 2 is a one day workshop)

Part 1: March 17 - 18: Fundamentals of Tibetan Medicine and Typology

Part 2: March 31st: Tibetan Medicine for Stress Relief

Part 3: April 14 - 15: Tibetan Medical Diet and Lifestyle

Private Tibetan Medicine consultations as well as Tibetan astrological readings with Erik Jampa are available during the month of March at Pure Land Farms! To make an appointment, please write to: or schedule via his online booking tool

(Initial 90 minute consultation $100, follow up 45 minutes, $50)

Tibetan Medicine Diet and Lifestyle
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Tibetan Medicine: Three Part Series
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