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The Tibetan Science of Healing

  • That SPACE 1242 E 7th Avenue Los Angles, CA 90021 (map)

A Free Public Talk in Downtown Los Angeles


1242 E 7th St, #108 (Entrance on Central Ave, free street parking on Central)

Los Angeles, CA 90021

Sowa Rigpa, ‘The Science of Healing,’ is the ancient medical tradition of Tibet. This transcontinental tradition incorporated knowledge from many of the great medical disciplines of the ancient world, including the Indian, Persian, Greek, Chinese, and indigenous Himalayan healing traditions. For over 2,000 years, these seemingly disparate lineages coalesced in the Land of Snows and advanced investigation into the nature of health and disease became a major undertaking for the Tibetan people. With a guiding focus on empiricism and the elimination of suffering, the Tibetan lineage of Sowa Rigpa has evolved into one of the most sophisticated and effective examples of traditional healing science in the world today.