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Tibetan Medical Diet and Lifestyle

with Erik Jampa

The third in a three part series introducing the fundamental theory and practice behind Sowa Rigpa, Traditional Tibetan Medicine with visiting guest, Erik Jampa Andersson

This workshop delves into the study of diet and lifestyle according to the Explanatory Tantra, from Tibetan Medicine's root text, the Four Tantras (Tib. རྒྱུད་བཞི་ “gyüd zhi”). Practical techniques for balancing body, energy, and mind through food and lifestyle choices according to one's constitutional typology will be introduced.

This is an excellent course for the layman who is seeking to introduce traditional nutritional principles into one's life and home, as well as for the medical practitioner who is looking for a greater set of tools to benefit patients.

$250 at the door, web pre-registration discount, $200

$500 for all three weekends

Part 1: March 17 - 18: Fundamentals of Tibetan Medicine and Typology

Part 2: March 31: Tibetan Medicine for Stress Relief

Part 3: Tibetan Medical Diet and Lifestyle

Private Tibetan Medicine consultations with Erik Jampa are available during the month of March at Pure Land Farms! To make an appointment, please write to: or schedule via his online booking tool

(Initial 90 minute consultation $100, follow up 45 minutes, $50)

Tibetan Medical Diet and Lifestyle
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Tibetan Medicine: Three Part Series
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