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Yuthok Nyingthig Empowerments and Teachings with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

Very Special Event:

Complete Yuthok Nyingthig Empowerments and Teachings with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

In order to inaugurate our new retreat center, Pure Land L.A., Dr Nida will offer two days of empowerments and supplementary instruction.

Suggested donation for this program is $250. No one will be turned away for financial reasons, however space is extremely limited so early pre-registration is required. Please e-mail with any questions.

Offered extremely rarely, the complete set of Yuthok empowerments includes:

  1. Root Empowerment (rtsa ba mchog dbang)

  2. Essential Ripening Empowerment (smin byed don dbang)

  3. Permission Blessing of the Medicine Goddess (sman gyi lha mo’i rjes gnang)

  4. Knowledge-entrustment Empowerment of Kapila Rishi (drang srong ser skya’i rig gtad)

  5. Conclusory Long-life Empowerment (mtha rten tshe dbang) 

The Yuthok Nyingthig (Tib. གཡུ་ཐོག་སྙིང་ཐིག་), the ‘Heart Essence of Yuthok’, composed by Yuthok the Younger, is a complete cycle of Vajrayana Buddhist practice, beginning with the preliminary practices (Tib. སྔོན་འགྲོ་ “ngöndro”) and progressing through the development and completion stage practices to the highest practices of Mahamudra and Dzogchen. It is characterized by its concise and simple methods which bring about both worldly benefits, including improved health and longevity, as well as the ultimate benefit of complete spiritual liberation. The Yuthok Nyingthig is the main spiritual practice of Tibetan physicians, and it contains many unique techniques to heighten the intuition and healing capacities of the doctor.