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First built about 800 years ago, Rigzin Rabpel Ling is the first important Ngakpa (yogi) temple in the Rebkong area or Amdo, (Northeast) Tibet.  The great master Rigdzin Palden Tashi (1688-1743) created and revitalized the Ngakpa tradition of Rebkong, and used this temple as his base.  Amongst local people, this temple is considered to be the a physical representation of Sangdok Pelri, the Pure Land of Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) who brought Buddhism to to Tibet in the 8th Century.  It has remained an important cultural and spiritual center, and the surrounding village region is populated by Ngakpa families that maintain a unique cultural tradition that emphasizes balancing agricultural life with intensive spiritual practices for both men and women. This 'Pure Land' is a place of fertile soil for growing plants, and a place of rich energy for nourishing spiritual practice.

Connected to the main temple of Rigzin Rabpel Ling is the tranquil retreat center of Ösel Rangdrol Ling which houses eight rooms in a private courtyard complex used for personal retreat by local ngakpas and the ngakmas in the wintertime and open to foreign practitioners in the summer months. A short walk away from the temple-retreat complex is Dechen Khandro Ling (the place of the blissful dakini) a traditional village home which is to be converted into a clinic of Sowa Rigpa (Traditional Tibetan Medicine) for the local people as well as a community center and place of practice for the female practitioners of the village to ensure that this unique yogic tradition continues to thrive amongst women into future generations as it traditionally has in this region.

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The Gelephu area of Southern Bhutan is a treasure trove of botanical diversity, near healing hot springs and protected wildlife sanctuaries with rich subtropical and Himalayan foothill forests, wild elephants and other rare species. It is a lush, subtropical paradise, and many Sowa Rigpa herbs grow very well in the area. The first phase in the project will be to begin cultivation of medicinal plants. The primary species will be ‘black agar,’ the Aquillaria tree so highly prized for its aroma and medicinal properties. This will be complimented by other trees and unserstory plants, following principles of permaculture and sustainable herbal cultivation.

Future vision for Gelephu, Bhutan is the inauguration of Sorig Khang Bhutan with construction of a three-story main building, following traditional Bhutanese principles of construction. This will be the home of our future Sowa Rigpa teaching and meditation center.