Pure Land Herbs

At any given moment, imagine happiness...

a line of herbal products based on traditional tibetan formulas

currently in development by dr. nida chenagtsang


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I was born and raised in a nomadic family on the high altitude plateau of North Eastern Tibet. In the grasslands where I played as child grew all kinds of medicinal plants. Local physicians would walk these lands on astrologically auspicious days and collect these plants — they would dry them, powder them, combine and prepare them according to the instructions of ancient medical texts. To the natural healing power of the plants they added their prayers and aspirations for the well-being of their patients, empowering the medicines with healing mantras and a heart of compassion. With these་natural substances, they were able to improve the health and vitality of the local people. In this land I grew up with the strong conviction that nature cures and that Tanaduk, the Pure Land of the Medicine Buddha, is not just a mythical realm in some far away dimension, but exists on our earth, in its waters, its mountains, its flowers, its trees.

Today I no longer live as a nomad in a tent in the grasslands of Tibet, moving by yak with the seasons. But I am still a nomad, in heart and in body -- I am a modern nomad traveling by airplane all over the world rarely staying in one place for more than a week, teaching about the principles and practice of the healing science of Tibet. I call myself a 'farmer' of Tibetan Medicine, sowing the seeds of this tradition worldwide. Students and patients always ask me --  where can we get these unique Tibetan herbal medicines that I teach about? So I developed this line of herbal formulas based upon ancient recipes from Tibet’s traditional medical texts, using the most pure and organic, safe, food-grade herbs. 

The principal Tibetan Medical text states that the results of healing through Tibetan Medicine are two flowers and three fruits: The two flowers are good health and long life, while the three fruits are dharma (spirituality), wealth, and happiness. All medical systems strive to promote health and longevity, but Tibetan Medicine recognizes that these things are difficult to achieve and do not have great meaning if one lacks spiritual fulfillment, the resources to live comfortably, and happiness in one’s heart and mind. My mother who was a great role model to me used to always say, ‘in the old days, life was so difficult but people were happy; today life is so easy, but people don’t find happiness.’ One of my main goals as a doctor and teacher is to help people to find greater happiness in their minds and lives. For this reason, I chose to name the line of my Pure Land herbal formulas ‘Happy Herbs'.

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