Support Pure Land Farms

Your contributions support the ongoing development and maintenance of Pure Land Farms, providing a sanctuary of learning and healing for the community. You can make a general contribution to Pure Land Farms development, maintenance and activities, or a targeted contribution towards Yuthok Ling temple, Tanaduk gardens, or Yangchenma Arts & Music, Scholarship Fund, General land maintenance or programming. When prompted, please select from the choices. Your generous contributions are greatly appreciated!

Contribute to Pure Land Farms

If you would like to support our Sorig Institute school of Tibetan Medicine at Pure Land Farms and its associated charitable activities including the Sowa Rigpa College in Nepal and Ngakmang project, please visit the Sorig Institute website.


If you would like to contribute to the development of our Pure Land partner in Bhutan, please visit the Pure Land Bhutan website to learn more.