Pure Land Bhutan

Paro, Bhutan


Bhutan is a remote Himalayan Buddhist kingdom, known for its stunning natural beauty, pure air and water, and intact ancient culture. Also referred to by the Tibetans as 'menjong', the 'land of medicine', it is a country with an immense diversity in wild healing plants that cover its terrain ranging in elevation from 500 to 23,000 feet above sea level. Today Bhutan remains the only pesticide free country in the world. 

This partnership marks the beginning of a longterm collaboration and commitment to developing these two lands and projects hand in hand in order to create genuine Pure Lands in the East and West. The mission of these Pure Lands is to act as physical sanctuaries that promote healing, dharma, and culture through education, sustainable organic herbalism, travel, cultural immersions, retreat, and community building. 

Pure Land Gelephu: The Gelephu area of Southern Bhutan is a treasure trove of botanical diversity, near healing hot springs and protected wildlife sanctuaries with rich subtropical and Himalayan foothill forests, wild elephants and other rare species. It is a lush, subtropical paradise, and many Sowa Rigpa herbs grow very well in the area. The first phase in the project will be to begin cultivation of medicinal plants. The primary species will be ‘black agar,’ the Aquillaria tree so highly prized for its aroma and medicinal properties. This will be complimented by other trees and unserstory plants, following principles of permaculture and sustainable herbal cultivation.

Yuthok Ling Paro: In the Paro valley, known for it's pristine beauty and sacred Buddhist sites, plans are underway to build a Yuthok Nyingthig temple and Shanglon protector chapel with simple retreat huts for both local and foreigners to practice meditation. 

Please get involved and support our growth and development so that these two Pure Lands can fulfill their joint mission and benefit all who connect with them.